Darren Huval

Design Leader / Principal, Healthcare

As a kid, Darren always had a sketch pad with him. He found he could think things through while drawing. An architectural history course in college introduced him to inspiring structures across time and space. Design offered a creative outlet while also satisfying his technical side. He appreciates healthcare projects for the joy they can bring to patients and families during difficult times.

Darren co-leads our healthcare studio, providing management and design expertise. He is driven to share knowledge and lift up younger designers. Having built entire hospitals from the ground up, he now focuses on leading his team to even larger and more specialized challenges. He brings a voice of experience and enjoys helping others work through complex questions and arrive at optimal solutions.

Darren is motivated to have a positive impact on communities and feels fulfilled at the end of every workday knowing he has contributed to something of value. Living in New Mexico, he believes a weekend is wasted if he doesn’t get outdoors to take advantage of our wonderful weather. Darren enjoys spending time with his family on the weekends. He likes hiking, working on arts and crafts projects, and playing video games with his two daughters.

Darren Huval_headshot

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