Dale Dekker

Founding Principal / Brand Ambassador

Why do cities exist? What drives their growth? These are the kinds of questions that interest Dale the most. With extensive experience in both architecture and planning, he combines a deep understanding of design with an entrepreneur’s big picture outlook. His work spans one-of-a-kind research facilities, award-winning schools, and large-scale masterplans.

As the founding principal of DPS, Dale is committed to building better communities. Having established the firm’s solid foundation, he now focuses on helping it evolve into the future. Through research and determination, he turns his curiosity about where the industry is headed into business opportunities. He believes that relationships are pivotal to creating quality places and brings his extensive network together to manifest bold ideas.

Dale is gratified by enabling our partners and employees to achieve their best. Community work provides another avenue for him to connect with others, exchange knowledge, and contribute to the greater good. He enjoys collaborating with a diverse group of leaders who share the motivation to strengthen our community.

His aptitude for multiple angles of the business helped build the firm’s legacy. But his ability to connect the dots continues to inform what we do today and how we strategize for the future. Ever the visionary, Dale remains excited about what’s next for the industry and DPS.

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