Chuck Hanson

Senior Advisor / Principal, Structural Engineering

When Chuck was growing up, dinner table conversation tended to veer toward work. His dad was an architect and, as a result, Chuck grasped the business from an early age. He abandoned industrial design in college – too artistic – and turned to structural engineering instead. For him, the discipline’s appeal is not the technical minutiae but the opportunity to work with creative people.

Chuck co-leads our structural engineering studio, overseeing projects of all types. Ideally, he delves into a project from the beginning, believing that collaboration is key to simple, unified design. His favorite projects are ones where the architecture and the structure are brought to life together. With an engineer’s sense of reality, he reinforces lofty visions with practical insight.

He is most fulfilled by seeing an idea become a place people enjoy. When he’s not thinking about seismic codes, Chuck is probably on wheels. As an autocrosser, bicyclist, and Airstream Club member, he enjoys the adrenaline and amazing sights to be had in motion.


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