Brian Barnes

Studio Leader / Principal

Brian was the first kid on his block to build a three-story clubhouse. It may not have been completely stable, but the concept was solid. He went to college with a mission to study something hard, ultimately landing on engineering. Brian loves how the discipline engages the mind and provides never-ending challenges.

He co-leads our structural engineering studio with a focus on the technical side. With a careful eye, he ensures the quality of our work and keeps us up to date with the latest codes. While the bulk of his time goes toward delivering cost-effective solutions for clients, he also mentors staff and creates tactical plans for the studio’s growth. Inspired by his team’s ambition, Brian is eager to make our work more sustainable and the firm more competitive. His ability to stay focused and learn new technologies helps the wildest goals become a reality.

Brian’s priorities have shifted over his career. Though he used to be fulfilled by building the biggest, baddest structures around, these days he cares more about supporting the next generation. When he’s not working, Brian loves exploring the outdoors with his wife and young son.

Brian Barnes_headshot

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