Beau Baker

Studio Leader / Principal

Beau knew he wanted to be an architect in the second grade, around the time he started drawing floor plans with crayons. His high school didn’t offer architecture courses, but he eagerly enrolled in every available art class. Even now, Beau remains absorbed by the engagement of his creative and technical sides. If he gets frustrated trying to solve a problem from one angle, he’ll become more curious about the other – often leading to more holistic, durable solutions for clients.

Beau co-leads the government studio, wading into design details and ensuring teams are well equipped to do their best work. He encourages as much collaboration as possible and strives to support people’s entire careers – not just guide them through individual projects. In addition to excellent communication and leadership skills, he also brings expertise in contract documents and risk management, which he strives to pass on to younger designers.

The industry’s never-ending challenges and innovations help maintain his passion for design. He is most gratified by seeing a complex project completed and functioning successfully. When he’s not at the office, he enjoys running ultramarathons and going on off-road adventures in his Jeep Wrangler. Ever the problem-solver, Beau also likes building Legos and playing strategic board games with his kids.


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