Andrea Hanson


Andrea grew up surrounded by architects and construction – so it seemed perfectly natural to pursue design as a career. After making an early statement by tearing floral wallpaper off her bedroom wall, Andrea moved on to love both interior design and architecture (and floral wallcovering as well!) Now, as Chief Design Officer, Andrea brings all disciplines together to work in concert.

She holds dual licenses in architecture and interior design but sees them as inextricable from one another. With her unique background, Andrea integrates site, exterior, and interior design. Her collaborative, holistic approach improves design quality across the firm. She is energized by the opportunity to learn new industries and examine complex projects from all angles.

Andrea prioritizes mentorship and finds fulfillment in helping others thrive both inside and outside our walls. Cooking is another way she expresses her creativity while bringing joy to others. She also loves to travel, especially to big cities where she finds inspiration from the juxtaposition of the new and ancient.


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