Change Management

People have been working remotely for over a year, and as organizations begin planning for a return to the office, they're starting to wonder what they should expect in the future. As organizations develop their strategies there’s not yet a clear and consistent answer to this, but things will likely be quite different.

These changes can create anxiety and concerns with employees which can be reduced and mitigated through clear and consistent communication about the organization’s strategy and plan moving forward. This also involves building a trusting relationship with employees.

Employee trust is essential when navigating change. Employees need to understand that they’re valued and there will be a balance between what is best for them and what helps the company achieve its strategic goals. It is not only about their contribution to the creation of revenue for the company, but the higher-level contribution they make to the company. They are the foundation of your culture, and the most valuable asset your company has.

It is critical to align your organizational goals with the wants and needs of your employees. If they struggle to adapt to future change, your forward movement will be stalled or derailed. Engaging in the conversation around change is important, and the sooner these conversations take place, the sooner future change will be accepted, and adaption will occur.

The number one issue in the minds of most employees is safety and how they will be kept safe when they return to the workplace. They want to know what their organization is doing to ensure their safety and how these measures are being implemented. The key to a successful workplace reset post-COVID is to build trust now and maintain clear and consistent communication through the transition.

Change management is all about people, leading teams through bumpy, unknown territory toward an ideal state. It’s about managing expectations, hopes, and fears while maintaining momentum and employee engagement along the way. This is where our experience and expertise can help you.

As change managers, we provide perspective and expertise to address your issues. We see your organization’s assets and obstacles from an unbiased point of view and will help you develop engagement approaches and communication strategies to help your employees see the long-term benefits of change and motivate them to work through, rather than against, any challenges.

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Kate Barone Dimock

Client Focus Leader / Principal

Kate Barone Dimock is a Prosci® Certified Change Management Practitioner with a Master’s degree in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology, as well as a licensed interior designer.

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