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Urban Revival: Reimagining the Office Building

"Tomorrow's Workplace" repurposes existing office inventory using design concepts that are more affordable and more sustainable than building ground-up. Read the full article published in TREND Report, southern Arizona's source for in-depth insight and analysis of commercial real estate.

Author: Andrea Hanson, AIA, CID
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Calculating the Environmental Impact of a Building

In D/P/S's "Office of the Future" concept, we propose repositioning existing office buildings. One of the many benefits of reusing what we already have rather than investing in new ground-up buildings is that it greatly reduces our environmental impact and has huge energy savings.

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Office Design for a Better Workplace

There's a lot of buzz about the office of the future and the latest trends in office design. With the baby boomers reaching retirement age and millennials becoming the largest generation in the workforce, we're left with a lot of questions about how the workplace will change. In response, we've compiled our latest insights regarding workplace design and how to plan for longevity and sustainability when markets are ever-changing.

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Tomorrow's Workplace Infographic

No more “out with the old, in with the new.” Tomorrow’s lasting workplace isn’t going to be about fading trends. It’s going to be rooted in the things that are important to all people.

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Designing the Office of the Future

What do we do with the abundance of Class B and Class C office space? Our design for the office of the future pairs adaptive reuse with building repositioning. The design proposes a mixed-use concept, providing flexibility for owners and building occupants. This is the optimal interior design build-out for Class A office space because it utilizes embodied energy in the building, reuses the existing structure to conserve valuable natural resources, and creates space that will fill a much-needed gap in the local real estate market. The resulting office of the future design positively impacts the surrounding community, meets space utilization trends, attracts the best talent, and promotes wellness and sustainability.

Author: Emily Allen, LEED AP ID+C
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"Office of the Future" Design Wins National NAIOP Competition

Dekker/Perich/Sabatini's winning office design repurposes existing buildings and creates modern workplaces to improve the employee experience.

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Vitamin D: Fortifying the Workplace of the Future by Design

What is it you absolutely love about your work? Research shows that there are five intangibles that unite all great places to work: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. In this TEDxABQ talk, Kate Barone Dimock explains how to take one of these intangibles and make it tangible.

Author: Kate Barone Dimock

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