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Lasting Lessons from Transitioning 200 Employees to Remote Work

Moving from a controlled office environment where everyone has access to the same tools, to an incredible diversity of home environments with varying bandwidth, distractions, and physical configurations requires honest communication in order to maintain equity amongst staff and minimize frustration.

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Edible Landscapes Blend Beauty with Practicality

​D/P/S employees are lifelong learners driven by a desire to share information. Friday Focus, an informal, bi-weekly group discussion with morning coffee and treats, brings staff together to talk about design, ask questions, and share the things that inspire them. Enjoy this Friday Focus sneak peek on Edible Landscaping.

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Continuum: Changing the Way We Collaborate

As lifelong learners, we are driven by a desire to share information—freely and continuously. Continuum brings D/P/S employees together to talk about design, ask questions, and share the things that inspire them. Here you will find our approach to sharing and learning.

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A Focus On Wellness

Learn about the WELL Building Standard and our developing understanding of how the indoor environment affects people.

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New Worker Magazine highlights FatPipe ABQ coworking case study

As designers and architects who create coworking spaces, we want to know how they're performing for both members and operators. Read a summary of our insights in New Worker Magazine.

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Coworking Insights: A Post Occupancy Evaluation of FatPipe ABQ's Coworking Environment

How can coworking office space balance the needs of owners, operators, tenants, and the broader entrepreneurial community? A look into FatPipe ABQ's office space provides insights into the coworking model.

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Wellness In Our Workplace

D/P/S's wellness program has expanded over the years as we continue to focus on strategies that help people feel better and achieve a work-life balance.

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Intelligent Machines and the Future of Work

How will artificial intelligence and robots impact commercial real estate? Published in NAIOP Development Magazine, this article addresses how technological changes will impact the way we design, build, and rebuilt cities and workplaces.

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CareNet Amarillo Office Renovation

CareNet Amarillo's office renovation will allow the organization to consolidate two existing offices and provide numerous community services.

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Tomorrow's Workplace - An Emphasis on Health and Wellbeing

People spend 90% of their time indoors. The WELL Building Standard provides a standard for building performance and operation to ensure that this time spent indoors is helping, not hurting. Read the article originally published in TREND Report, southern Arizona's source for in-depth insight and analysis of commercial real estate.

Author: Hannah Feil Greenhood, AIA, WELL AP, LEED AP
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