Rust Medical Center Featured in Landscape Architecture Awards

Hospital design experts recently selected exceptional landscape projects to highlight in the new Healthcare Environments Showcase. Presbyterian Rust Medical Center, designed by Dekker/Perich/Sabatini (D/P/S), is showcased for its inspiring and healing landscapes. The single largest capital project in the history of Presbyterian Health Services, Rust Medical Center is a 460,000sf, five-story, full-service hospital located in Rio Rancho. Its gardens are featured in the awards edition of Landscape Architecture for Healthcare Communities.

Throughout history, gardens have been sources of comfort. Now, evidence-based research shows that appropriately designed landscapes can be therapeutic by increasing patient and staff satisfaction, reducing the need for pain medications, and decreasing the length of hospital stays. The healing gardens at Rust Medical Center encourage patients, visitors and staff to connect with nature. The courtyards include flowing lines and curves, native plants, quiet refuges, and sunny active spaces for group gatherings.

“The gardens offer outdoor opportunities for patients, families and staff, and enhance patient care,” said Mimi Burns, Principal and Landscape Architect at D/P/S. “We designed the spaces to be comfortable, safe, sustainable, and patient-centered. People can connect to their natural environment and regional landscapes, which reduces stress and promotes wellness.”

Rust Medical Center opened its doors in October 2011 with four diverse courtyards. The dining courtyard offers outdoor sitting and group spaces. Shady, quiet spaces characterize the healing courtyard, which emphasizes medicinal uses of plants. Bamboo and tall ornamental grasses in the chapel courtyard provide room for personal reflection. Finally, the tall tower courtyard brings green space within the building.