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Revit Axon Point Cloud

Creating a set of field verified drawings is time consuming, often requiring multiple site visits to verify measurements and capture photographs. During the renovation of the Albuquerque Convention Center, the design team was faced with old drawings that did not match the existing structure. Before being able to proceed with the renovation, the team needed to create an accurate model of the Convention Center.

To expedite the process and ensure an accurate Building Information Model (BIM), D/P/S connected with Scott Halliday and his students at Navajo Technical University (NTU). The group from NTU set up a LIDAR scanner to construct a graphic representation of the ABQ Convention Center. The scanner is accurate; some are accurate down to +/- 2mm. All the data is combined to created a 3D representation of the building. The advantage to using the scan for analysis and reference is that it captures everything and eliminates the need to revisit a site for additional measurements.

Brandon Garrett and Scott Halliday presented this work at the 2013 SPAR International Conference. Read more about the project.

Author: Brandon Garrett & Scott Halliday
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