NAIOP NM 2021 Awards the Best of the Best

December 13, 2021

NAIOP New Mexico, a commercial real estate group, celebrated the 2021 Awards of Excellence on December 10, 2021. D/P/S is proud to have contributed to nine award-winning projects. 

Eagle Award | Medical | Lincoln County Medical Center

The project started out as a remodel and expansion of the existing building. However, working with Lincoln County and a third-party healthcare consulting firm we determined that it would be more cost-effective to build a new facility and raze the existing building. Once it was determined to build a replacement hospital the County Commission went to the voting community for funding support of the project. The voters in the county proved overwhelming approval for the replacement hospital and the design process was able to start and worked closely with the hospital operators and County Commission to phase out the project and keep the facility operating. The initial numbers used for the budgeting accounted for typical price escalation, but not the steep numbers the industry was experiencing at the time. Several value engineering meetings had to be held to get the project to a number that would meet the procurement requirements.

During construction, the contractor, facility operator, and design team faced some technical challenges by having both facilities operational at the same time to allow the different hospital units to move from the old facility to the new facility in phases. There was extensive planning on how to decommission the old facility without having to shut down the new facility that made for some very intense moments on the final utility switchover that was ultimately successful.

The replacement hospital project will bring transformational healthcare delivery to the citizens of Lincoln County and the state-of-the-art facility will provide many years of service to a vibrant community.

Owner: Lincoln County
Architect: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
General Contractor: Jaynes Corp.
Engineers:  Dekker/Perich/Sabatini; Scott M. McGee, LLC; Bridgers & Paxton Consulting Engineers

Eagle Award | Office | McKee Wallwork + Co 

Located in a former warehouse of the historic Glorieta Brewing Company, the new headquarters of MW+C is part of Glorieta Station – an eight-acre redevelopment project which is bringing new life to downtown Albuquerque. 

This project was a collaborative effort between two design firms, AIC and D/P/S, one completing the core and shell and site improvement work, and the other designing the MW+C tenant improvement project. This required intensive collaboration between the two firms.

As per any complicated tenant improvement, there were unforeseen issues that arose during demolition and construction that posed challenges to the design team and construction team. AIC did an excellent job of staying on budget and schedule. Construction took place during the height of COVID, which caused some minor issues with lead times and pricing.

Being an old and well-used existing warehouse, this building required extensive upgrades. The concrete floor was sloped and required leveling to accommodate the large 4-panel glass sliding doors into the conference room. Exterior windows and garage doors were added to bring daylight into the space. There were also acoustical challenges that were addressed, due to the volume and existing hard surfaces in the space.  

This revitalization has attracted new companies to the area, stimulating the economy.

Owner: Ed Garcia
Architect: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
Developer / General Contractor: AIC General Contractor
Engineers: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini; BG Buildingworks; Tarleton Engineering Inc.

Eagle Award | Industrial + Infrastructure | Highlands Presbyterian Bridge 

The gently curved 3,500-square-foot Highlands Bridge spans Central to connect the second floor of SpringHill Suites to Presbyterian Hospital. The hotel offers 20 rooms dedicated for use by the Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico. The glass facade of the bridge, which is visible from Interstate 25, allows for its expressive structure to be visible during the day, while color-changing LED lighting adds a dynamic nighttime element.

Owner: Urban Hospitality NM, LLC
Developer: Titan Development/Maestas Development Group
Architect: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
General Contractor: Jaynes Corp
Engineers: Bohannan Huston Inc., KDC Mechanical, Service Electric Company, Chavez-Grieves Consulting Engineers

Merit Award | Community + Civic / Public | Bernco @ Alvarado Square

Together with its design and construction partners, Bernalillo County has accomplished one of the most significant property transformations in our state’s history. In total, the Bernalillo County @ Alvarado Square project included over 286,000 sq ft of renovation to the 8-story tower at 415 Silver, and new construction of the 12,000 sq ft Commission Chambers Building addition. 

The decision to transform an existing property, rather than developing a new one, provided massive financial benefits to the County and taxpayers. Project costs came in at approximately $175 per square foot, which includes not only demolition and construction costs, but also design costs, furniture, and equipment. Compare this cost with an estimated $325  per square foot for new construction, and the savings start to add up.

This massive undertaking revitalized South Downtown, remade Albuquerque’s skyline, broke new ground for project delivery innovation, and will help advance the services provided to over 670,000 New Mexicans.

Owner: Bernalillo County
General Contractor: HB Construction
Engineer: Yearout Mechanical; Theco Electrical; Bridgers & Paxton 

Merit Award | Education | Cottonwood Elementary School

Cottonwood Elementary School’s overall function in design allows classrooms an opportunity to swing between grade levels in years of high enrollment. The school is designed to ebb and flow with the community population and years of spike enrollment as one might expect in an oil field market. 

Teachers will find the classrooms are of a larger size than the previous school along with ample storage inside each classroom. Furthermore, the school avoids expenses associated with additions or portables.

Cottonwood Elementary School is truly a community school. The playground, gym, and cafeteria areas are open to community use. Further community benefit is found in the amount of family capital that will be inspired to relocate their children to a new facility with up-to-date technology and fiber optic connection. Overall, the new school facility promises to increase workforce appeal, resulting in greater economic impact for the Carlsbad area.

Owner: Carlsbad Municipal Schools
Architect: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, Mitchell Cruse Architecture
General Contractor: Bradbury Stamm Construction
Engineers: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini; Smith Engineering Company; Bridgers & Paxton

Merit Award | Multi-Family | Altitude at Vizcaya

The design of Altitude at Vizcaya responds to market desire for open, flexible floor plans. 9ft tall windows capture vistas, providing a sense of light and openness, and 10ft ceilings make each space feel expansive. High-quality finishes and a clean, modern façade appeal to current market preferences.

Tying into the existing site presented both design and engineering challenges. Each new building needed to exude modernity while also complementing and connecting to the existing Vizcaya apartments. Maintaining existing storm drainage required additional modifications to the storm drain system.

New retention ponds were not initially large enough for drainage from new construction and had to be reworked toward the very end of construction. Landscaping and hard surface design faced challenges in trying to keep the existing trees along the East end of the parking. The landscape architect had to field locate the trees and pavements/crosswalk design was revised to cater to the existing trees.

The Coronavirus Pandemic presented multiple construction-related challenges including manpower issues. The project’s four buildings were framed by three different framing contractors because the selected contractor could not provide sufficient manpower to meet the schedule. Positive covid tests resulted in certain trades not being allowed to work at all. Supply chain delays meant that the contractor had to creatively distribute appliances to get occupancy. Covid restrictions on-site significantly impacted the time required to complete work. 

This in-fill project enhanced an existing project with new buildings. Improvements were made to the existing parts of the project that refreshed the overall appearance and quality of the entire complex, increasing its neighborhood appeal.

Owner / Developer: Northland Investment Corporation
Architect: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
Contractor: Bradbury Stamm
Engineers: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini; Engineered Environments, LLC; AC Engineering Enterprises LLC

Merit Award | Multi-Family | Nuevo Atrisco 

Nuevo Atrisco is designed for families with children – nearly 75% of the apartment homes have either 2 or 3 bedrooms, a larger unit size that was identified as highly desirable in the 2017 update to the ABQ/Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan. There are 21 1BR/1BA apartment units, 42 2BR/2BA apartment units, and 17 3BR/2BA apartment units. 

Community amenities include recreational areas for children, a community garden, management/maintenance, and service coordination office space, laundry rooms, a community room with a kitchen for resident use and provision of “healthy living” cooking classes, as well as a computer room and multipurpose room for resident events and social service classes. 

There is a large rooftop deck area that is utilized for resident events and additional outdoor living opportunities. Units are highly energy efficient with washer/dryer hookups provided in each apartment unit. 

The site layout takes full advantage of the breathtaking views of the Manzano and Sandia Mountains to the east, Mount Taylor to the west, as well as Downtown Albuquerque and the valley areas. With over 42,000 square feet of retail/restaurant/plaza space, Nuevo Atrisco provides needed shopping and dining options to area residents, and the greater Albuquerque community. Unlike other retail sites in this part of Albuquerque, this project will provide shops and dining with a plaza-type experience creating a sense of place and a strong community asset.

Owner: Nuevo Atrisco Apartments Limited Partnership
Developer: YES Housing; Maestas Development Group
Contractor: Pavilion Construction, LLC
Architect: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
Engineers: AC Engineering Enterprises LLC; Arsed Engineering Group, LLC

Merit Award | Retail | First Financial Credit Union

The design of First Financial Credit Union’s (FFCU) was centered around employee health and safety, and accessibility of staff and patrons. FFCU’s vision resulted in the development of a lot within the Renaissance area which would serve as their new headquarters and a branch for serving the community.

The project site presented various challenges. Cross lot drainage easement from the neighboring property was an issue. Historically, the site was intended to be an addition to the neighboring property, and as such, it served as the location of their stormwater runoff. With the change in ownership, the team had to deal with our water and theirs. To compound matters, we were only allowed to discharge from our site at a very minor rate.

We were able to turn this problem into a design solution. Today, swales and retention ponds throughout the site collect and slow stormwater as it crosses the site. An accessible walking trail winds through the site and around these ponding areas giving these locations more purpose and aesthetic value. Landscaping on the edges of the trail defines what is a trail and what is a pond. When storms pass through, these areas have a very pleasant “walk along the stream” feel. 

Having a design-build team was key to keeping the project moving forward. We were able to secure a foundation-only permit, allowing the contractor to prepare the site for eventual building construction. Once the building permit was authorized, we had completed submittal reviews, building trades were coordinated, materials were ordered, and fabrication of building steel was complete. Working in tandem with the owner and contractor, the project did not slip a single day despite the four-month delay in receiving a building permit. 

The site presents unobstructed views of the valley to the west, and of the mountains to the east. Open office areas are located along the exterior of the building with enclosed offices and support spaces clustered closer to the core. This offers the best organization and efficient use of space while also providing the benefit of vistas and natural lighting to all employees.

Owner: First Financial Credit Union
Architect: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
Contractor: Enterprise Builders
Engineer: Bohannan Huston, Inc.

Merit Award | Retail | Rio Grande Credit Union

The Rio Grande Credit Union Marble branch expansion at 1201 San Pedro Dr. NE, Albuquerque, took an old, dark, abandoned building and transformed it into an inviting, vibrant, and operational bank. This remodel and addition started with gutting the inside of the one-story, 1,969 SF building and removing the original wood addition.

The original building was lacking drive-by appeal, windows/natural light, overall functionality, and aesthetics. The build back gave this property the facelift needed to expand operations, increase foot traffic, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Out with the old, in with the new. Windows, storefront, and skylights were added to bring in natural light, a 16-foot-tall vestibule wrapped in Rio Grande Credit Union blue ACM metal panels and highlighted Rio Grande Credit Union’s logo was added for drive-by aesthetics, a three-lane ATM/bank teller drive-through featuring an overhead shade canopy powder coating in RGCU blue and decorative leaf cutout offers a superior drive-through banking experience. The completed, one-story, 2,098 SF bank provides Rio Grande Credit Union with a more functional layout and space needed to ensure their customers receive an unmatched banking experience.

Owner: Rio Grande Credit Union
Architect: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
Contractor: Klinger Constructors LLC
Engineers: High Mesa Consulting Group; Arsed Engineer Group; The Response Group; Desert Eagle Engineering

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