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Inclusive Learning Environments: Designing for Diverse Learners

Today's learners are more diverse than ever. So how can inclusive learning environments be designed to improve access to learning for all students? This presentation focuses on design strategies that support differentiated instruction and improved communication, engagement, and learning for all students.

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The Future of Academic Incubators

This interactive workshop, presented at the 2016 A4LE LearningScapes Conference in Philadelphia, provides an overview of existing and emerging models for incubators, relates these models to learning theory, and considers pros and cons of existing strategies.

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The Benefits of On-Call Procurement for Design Professional Services

​How can school districts benefit from on-call procurement? Learn how on-call professional services can help improve efficiency and save resources for school districts seeking design services.

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Lana Idriss on Making a Lush Xeriscape for the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine

Landscape designer Lana Idriss explains how BCOM achieved a lush xeriscape with a vibrant plant and material palette.

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Lessons Learned: First Year in New Maker Spaces

Montezuma-Cortez High School opened in 2015 with new CTE spaces for Agriculture, Fire Science, Family and Consumer Science, and Journalism. Review lessons learned about the design, uses, and adapting to program changes.

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Understanding CPTED Principles + School Safety

How can we promote safety in schools through assessments, operations, and design? This presentation covers information about Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) techniques that discourage unwanted behavior on campus.

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Creating Healthier Environments for Teaching and Learning

This presentation from the 2015 CEFPI Annual Conference provides an introduction to the WELL Building Standard, and focuses on wellness and key WELL metrics that are linked to neurological & cognitive benefits and are not typically part of design & operational discussions.

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Regenerating Hardman Hall to create the new NMSU Undergraduate Learning Center

The demolition of Jacobs Hall, the renovation and upgrades to Hardman Hall, and the enveloping of the site with the new NMSU Undergraduate Learning Center make the best use of space, money, time, and other resources to deliver an exciting facility for the next generation of students.

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Establishing and Updating School District Standards for Design and Construction

This presentation shares best practices for establishing, communicating, and updating district standards that meet procurement requirements.

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Design for Education

How is education delivered? Because no two schools are the same, the design must be driven by the curriculum to meet each school's needs and goals. This presentation was delivered at the Education ReSource Forum in Phoenix, Arizona.

Author: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
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