Interns Find Their Niche at D/P/S

Each year Dekker/Perich/Sabatini invites students for externships, job shadowing, and paid internships. Interns bring fresh ideas, new perspectives, and specialized strengths to our work, all while gaining professional experience and cultivating connections in the field of architecture and design.

Helen and Olivia, students at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, recently spent four months working with different D/P/S teams in our collaborative, open-office environment.

D/P/S welcomed us with open arms and more creative freedom than I had ever expected. Our time was structured, but our assignments were diverse allowing us to explore a little bit of everything. 

We got to know the multidisciplinary design teams and worked closely with interiors, planning, landscape, and marketing on projects that included video, animation, renderings, web design, and social media. We created digital content including a video that highlights our experience here in Albuquerque, made changes to D/P/S’s Instagram, and offered suggestions for organizing marketing content.

“Working at D/P/S has opened my eyes to the possibilities within this field and taught me how important it is to explore all facets of design. There are so many talented and multi-faceted people here who motivated me to learn as much as I possibly can wherever I go.” - Helen

One of our projects included market research - a “deep dive” into the firm’s standing amongst competition. I remember feeling nervous to explain our ratings and critiques of D/P/S’ online presence to founders and leaders of the company. But, our input was truly valued and respected, and led to an insightful discussion about the future of D/P/S. I remember feeling really good when I left that day.

“Being surrounded by so many supportive and driven people every day was a catalyst for my own personal growth and goal-setting. I hope to always work in open environments; collaborating with fellow creatives. I will definitely be taking many more leaps of faith in the future. I feel like I've found my niche in the vast graphic design world, focusing on social media marketing, web/app design, video, and animation.” - Olivia

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