The Future of Career and Vocational Education

In a workshop at the annual Association for Learning Environments (A4LE, formerly CEFPI) conference, participants considered the future of career-technical education (CTE).

D/P/S principals Julie Walleisa and Benjamin Gardner first described how CTE has changed over the past 100 years, noting the transition from preparing students for particular jobs and apprenticeships to teaching transferable skills that open opportunities for a variety of careers, industry certifications, or post-secondary education.

Workshop participants worked in groups to design hypothetical CTE programs that could create lifelong learners in an ever-changing landscape.

One group suggested that CTE programs should bring together students interested in business, art, automotive, and culinary careers to design, fabricate, and successfully run a real-world food truck business. Most participants echoed this sentiment that CTE programs should promote collaboration, cross-pollination, and experimentation.

Watch clips of group presentations

Co-Presented by:
Julie Walleisa, AIA, LEED AP, ALEP
Benjamin Gardner, AIA, LEED AP

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