ENMU's Golden Student Success Center Awarded LEED Gold Building Certification

May 2019

Eastern New Mexico University's (ENMU) aging Golden Library was transformed into a modern student success center where students connect with the resources they need in an open space that promotes wayfinding and access to staff. The renovation maintained the building’s crisp and bold mid-century modern lines while infusing modern technology and natural daylight in an open environment shared by multiple University departments. 

Achieving LEED Gold Certification meant reaching for a higher distinction in sustainability than any other building on campus or in the community and represented a commitment to high performance by the whole team and the University. The chilled beams were selected for the HVAC system for their efficiency and compact profile, allowing for close coordination with lighting and other systems to maximize ceiling height and flexibility.

Transforming the existing concrete frame building with tight floor-to-floor heights and little natural light into an open, daylit, and energy efficient space required multiple design changes. The chilled beam system reduced overhead ductwork by more than 50%, maximizing ceiling height and minimizing distraction. This system reduces replacement air handler capacity from 120,000cfm to a more sustainable 30,000cfm. 

New large windows and strategically placed light monitors improve daylighting and wayfinding. A large covered portico connects users to the adjacent quad with outdoor study, socializing, and eating space while also protecting west-facing glass. 

Located in dry, arid eastern New Mexico where water is a cherished resource, this building’s landscape design achieved a 50% reduction of water use for landscaping while providing a lush, visually interesting, and usable outdoor environment, and achieved the maximum LEED points possible for indoor water use reduction.

The transformation of ENMU's Golden Library into the Golden Student Success Center provides for the wellbeing of students and faculty, enables green practices on campus and serves as a new, campus gathering place. One that furthers the University’s mission of providing active learning environments using 21st century technology to enrich student life.

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