Civic Plaza & ICOM Win AIA Albuquerque Citation Awards

December 16, 2019

The AIA Albuquerque Architectural Design Awards encourages and recognizes distinguished architectural achievement by New Mexico architects and serves to increase public awareness of the outstanding services provided by architects as well as to emphasize the importance of the architect's role in shaping the quality of the built environment through design excellence. D/P/S is proud to have contributed to two award-winning projects.

Citation Award | Urban Planning + Design | Civic Plaza Vitalization

Phase I renovation of the 1970s era Civic Plaza brings  interactive play to downtown Albuquerque and enlivens this important public space.

The Plaza was redesigned to include an interactive water feature, tensile shade structure, and unique prickly pear  playground. Upgrades to the Al Hurricane Pavilion and  improved accessibility transformed Civic Plaza into a true  heart of Albuquerque. Extensive collaboration between designers and manufacturers produced a unique experience of interaction with water, a precious element in the high desert.

Since the renovation, the Plaza is no longer an underutilized space but brings crowds to downtown, including nearby families, visitors, and sport fans who watch NM United games on the new screen. Since then, many events have taken place on the Plaza, establishing it as one of the most important public spaces in the city.

"Most cities have these urban spaces and oftentimes what really energizes them is not so much the attention to sculptures or fountains and the like, but its program. We were really glad to see the integration of technology (the big screen) because that is something that draws people into an urban event." - Dwayne Eshenbaugh, AIA 2019 Jury Chair

Owner: City of Albuquerque
Architect: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
Landscape Architecture: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
General Contractor: Bradbury Stamm
Electrical Engineer: Bridgers & Paxton
MEP: Hanna Plumbing
Water Features: Aqua Design International
Playground Equipment: ExerPlay Inc. | Structureflex
Photographer: Travis Lewis | Jerry Walters

Learn more about the Albuquerque Civic Plaza Renovation.

Citation Award | Commercial | Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM)

ICOM is proud of the environmental impact of sustainable measures integrated into the design, which will save nearly 317,000 kilowatt-hours of energy per year — enough to power 28 average-sized homes. Upgrades included a reflective roof and energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems. 

Interior lighting is controlled by continuous dimming. Photoelectric sensors that take into account interior light levels dim the lights when there is sufficient daylight available from windows. This and other lighting design sustainable approaches such as the use of occupancy sensors and high efficiency exit signs result in a 38% energy savings above what baseline code specifies. Exterior building lighting and upgrades to existing site lighting result in a 48% savings in the same manner.

Other design features such as sun control devices, high reflective roof treatment, energy management control systems, HVAC variable speed drives and air side economizers lend to the heightened energy performance of the building.

Idaho Power recently recognized the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine for its commitment to energy efficiency. Building upgrades earned the college more than $56,000 in incentives from Idaho Power. The money saved with these energy efficiency measures is going to a great cause: the students-doctors, in the form of financial awards to help offset the cost of tuition as they pursue their goal of becoming physicians.

"As we studied this project it was apparent that the project goals being accomplished were paramount. The team really pushed the energy efficiency aspects by considering the building envelope and lighting strategies. It was great to see the tangible benefits of sustainability being diverted by Idaho Power to student-doctors as financial awards to help offset tuition costs." - Dwayne Eshenbaugh, AIA 2019 Jury Chair

Owner: Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine
Architect: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
Landscape Architecture: Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
General Contractor: Mike Tsu Engineered Structures Inc
Civil Engineer: Keller Associates Inc
MEP: Musgrove Engineering PA
Photographer: Travis Lewis

Learn more about ICOM.

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