Art Dekker: A Father's Day Salute

June 14, 2019

Art Dekker - architect, engineer, and talented watercolorist, founded Art Dekker Architecture in 1959. Involved in every aspect of design, engineering, and construction, Art knew his buildings inside and out. His great pragmatism came forth in his modern, functional design aesthetic.

Jim King, former CEO of Bradbury Stamm, said, “He was a master builder – both an architect and an engineer with an in depth knowledge of building construction.” No wonder Art’s multifaceted modus operandi would inform D/P/S’s commitment to synthesizing various disciplines in-house: architecture, structural engineering, planning, landscape architecture, and interior design. Andrea Hanson, long-time family friend and Principal at D/P/S says, “this multidisciplinary approach is the foundation of our practice.” 

Watercolor by Art Dekker

Art’s comprehensive, integrative method isn’t his only influence on the award-winning firm we know of today as D/P/S. Dale Dekker, Founding Principal and Art’s eldest son, said “Dad was a dog lover. His dog went to work with him every day as long as I can remember.” Might that be one of the reasons we enjoy bringing our dogs to D/P/S every other Friday?

In our 60th year of design excellence, we extend a warm Father’s Day salute to Art Dekker (he was also an Air Force Captain). Thank you for loving the dogs. Thank you for sharing your talent. And, thank you for your positive influence on an innovative enterprise that supports not only your immediate family, but the 200+ family working at D/P/S, and so many communities throughout the Southwest.