Sustainable Design

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Sustainable Design = Responsible Design.
Part of creating great places in the communities where we work is being committed to creating healthier indoor environments, conserving resources, meeting budgets and lowering operating costs for our clients. We apply   sustainable design principles to all of our projects, and have extensive experience with designing projects to achieve LEED certification. We are so committed to LEED that we designed our own office building to achieve a double LEED gold certification, and we have trained over 100 staff members in both the fundamentals of LEED and our own method for successfully managing LEED projects.

We have created energy efficient projects for our climate by using common sense approaches to building siting, solar orientation, appropriate use of windows, building mass, and efficient mechanical systems. Our staff has experience with both traditional and innovative sustainable technologies, ranging from passive solar design to underfloor air systems, and from water capture systems to advanced plumbing fixtures. We are pioneering certification approaches on the latest LEED rating systems, and at any given time we are helping at least a dozen of our clients take their projects through the LEED certification process. However, it is the long-term impact of this approach that is most important to us – better buildings, happier people, and a healthier planet.