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Specialized K12 Facilities

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Alternative education, specialized or dedicated education, and administration have all become integral components of the modern public and private education system.  D/P/S has worked with many communities to assist them in meeting their unique educational facility needs.
Administration facilities indirectly effect the education of our children, and often serve as the functional heart of a school district.  They are vital in housing the financial, business, maintenance and management aspects of the schools.  Centralized administrative facilities have a direct effect on the ability of a district to manage its facilities and people, and most importantly the long term quality of children's education.  D/P/S uses many resources and tools to assist in programming, occupancy and adjacency analysis, interaction, and efficiency studies.  These tools have been developed to help our clients understand how they will use the whole building design to improve the daily functional operations of their work, and create as efficient and cost effective building as possible .
D/P/S is also proud to assist our Clients in developing very specialized educational facilities, suited and adapted for the particulars of the student's needs.  D/P/S designs alternative education facilities that allow parents or non-traditional students to meet their education or career development needs despite their confined schedules.  D/P/S also takes pride in designing facilities for students with particular physical limitations, helping them interface with the world and society.  These types of facilities often are severely limited in their financial construction, operations, and maintenance budgets, and D/P/S strives to work with financial obligations and needs as flexibly and creatively as the design of the building itself.