Middle School Projects:


LAPS Los Alamos Middle School Addition/Renovation (in progress)
APS Grant Middle School
APS Harrison Middle School
APS Roosevelt Middle School
APS Tony Hillerman Middle School
GMCS Chief Manuelito Middle School
GMCS Crownpoint Middle School Addition and Renovation
GMCS Gallup Middle School Renovation
GMCS JFK Middle School
GMCS Junior High School Addition
GMCS Tohatchi Middle School
GMCS Ramah Middle and High School
LLS Los Lunas Middle School Renovation
T’Siya Elementary and Middle School
WRUSD Tsehootsooi Middle School Addition and Renovation

Middle Schools

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K-12 Trends

Specialized D/P/S project teams are working constantly to refine basic school facility design year-after-year, while always maintaining an open attitude to the changes in technology and society that affect the education of our future generations. We always try to recognize the developmental changes in the minds of young children as they start to transition into productive young adults during their middle school years.
As our younger generations' minds' develop faster than ever before, communities are demanding more complex and technologically rich curriculum be delivered at younger ages.  Middle schools have recently made a transition to include more technical and career focused studies than ever before.  The staff at D/P/S strives to respond to such community/social needs by integrating today's data, communication, and electronic infrastructure technologies into every teaching space.

Our goal is to provide a teaching environment that will adapt to the changing demands for technology in the classrooms at the middle school level for many years, if not decades.  Whether it is a campus or single building facility, a safe learning environment is a constant goal for teaching young adults the responsibilities and skills for a productive future.