High School Projects:


Amarillo High School Band Hall Addition
APS Del Norte High School Replacement
APS Manzano High School Additions
APS Nex-Gen Academy
Clark County Valley High School, LV
Campbell County High School
CISD Randall High School New Science Lab Addition
GMCS Miyamura High School
GMCS Ramah Middle/High School
GMCS Tse Yi Gai High School
LCPS Centennial High School (in association with ASA Architects)
LLS Century High School
LLS Valencia High School

High Schools

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D/P/S's design professionals are very much aware that more than half of all high school graduates in the U.S. move on to achieve at least some college experience, with almost a third obtaining a college degree.  As our communities recognize these statistics as well, we can see the trend towards restructuring high schools with more of a college preparatory curriculum.
Our design approach to a high school facility requires a familiarity with a variety of modern curriculum delivery methods that may influence the classroom design.  We are also very much aware of the corporate and professional partnerships between high schools, universities and private entities.  With such unique funding sources and shared resources available, our expertise in design and project management helps to seamlessly integrate the requirements and ideas of all involved to make the schools a success and to help the students succeed 

Whether it’s a career pathway pod utilizing community and professional involvement, or distance learning partnership with a local college, or a more traditional lecture environment, our staff is trained to coordinate the multi-client, multi-disciplinary process required for a modern high school facility.  Our experience and continuous professional research permit us to serve our clients as a professional resource, helping them carefully choose a facility design they feel will positively affect their high school graduates with positive values community pride for decades to come.