Elementary School Projects:


CMS Lockwood Elementary Replacement School
AISD Humphrey's Highland Elementary School
AISD Paramount Terrace Elementary School
APS Acoma Elementary School
APS Armijo Elementary School
APS Double Eagle Elementary School
APS North Star Elementary School
APS Petroglyph Elementary School
GCCS Cubero Elementary School Replacement

GCCS Milan Elementary School Replacement
CISD City View & Hillside Elementary Schools
GMCS Chee Dodge Elementary School Addition
GMCS Navajo Elementary School
GMCS Rocky View Elementary School
GMCS Twin Lakes Elementary School
Isleta Elementary School
LLS Sundance Elementary School
LLS Katherine Gallegos Elementary School Addition and Renovation
LLS Bosque Farms Elementary School Addition and Renovation
RRPS Ernest Stapleton and Maggie M. Cordova Elementary Schools
RRPS Ernest Cielo Azul and Sandia Vista Elementary Schools
TMS Enos Garcia Elementary School Addition (Consultant to Living Design Group.)
T’Siya Elementary and Middle School

Elementary Schools

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 D/P/S  considers the scope of each individual project, and then assembles a design team from its in-house architectural designers, structural engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and planners, as well as consulting civil, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering firms that are best suited to the characteristics of that project.  The size and scope of each project varies considerably, however the common goal for the D/P/S team is to design and engineer safe, efficient, and creative school facilities.  
Our process implements the latest technological developments in early childhood and elementary grade level curriculum delivery methods to produce a healthy and constructive learning environment; an environment recognizing the multiple learning modalities, teaching methods and technologies, both theoretical and practical, where teachers can nurture the impressionable and rapidly developing minds of these early age groups.   Involvement of each schools local community, teachers,  their administrators, and the maintenance personnel assures that we custom tailor each school to the users particular needs, while still meeting state and national educational facility standard mandates. 

Regular parent/community interaction throughout the design process and use of our professional team's expert awareness of scale and the local environment relative to such little people helps us to create productive, healthy, and playful environments. We strive to create spaces that stimulate and help develop strong learning skills, enthusiasm for knowledge and life-skills these young children need.  Our hope is that our designs, together with school administrators and teachers, can encourage the development of positive life long learning behaviors.